To offer order made Monter thérapie fit for each customer’s trouble type

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Introduction to available courses

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  • モンテセラピストコース
  • モンテトレーナーコース
  • ショートコース

Content of course


  • Understanding and learning to explain the theory behind Monter thérapie Practice


  • Confirming the techniques and relevancies to the theory of Monter thérapie
  • Confirm the points necessary in training Monter therapists

Content of the trainer exam

  • Explaining the relevance between Monter thérapie theory and technique

With the qualification as a Monter trainer

  • Is able open a Monter thérapie school (under recognition of the Monter thérapie Association)
  • Increased understanding of Monter thérapie, acquired skills to train a professional Monter therapist
  • Differentiation from other clinical with improved technique and counseling abilities
  • Will be able to make a salon which fits customer needs
  • Is able to attend a special lecture by Dr. Michiko Matsunaga

Merits enrolling in the school

  • By studying Monter thérapie more deeply, you will be able to accurately identify the customer’s troubles and offer treatments with assured effects
  • By learning the Monter thérapie theory, you will be able to find the source of your customer’s worries and give accurate advice. You will be able to construct an intimate relationship with your customers.

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