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The Birth of Monter Therapie

We were born and raised in the earth, the sun and the moon. There is a certain direction and rhythm around which the earth turns around the sun, the moon turns around the earth, and all the planets float with invisible power.

So I noticed that there was a certain direction and rhythm invisible to the human body as well as the universe. As a result, we focused on Oriental medicine that there are meridians and acupuncture points in the flowing direction in the flowing direction, and pay attention to Oriental medicine that it is invisible to the eyes, stimulating meridians and acupuncture points and improving the flow of air, not only health aspects I found that it is very effective for aging care and beauty effect of appearance.

By using this system, we can see that everyone can easily and beautifully be healthy, we are promoting the development of cosmetic products and technologies in order to convey this to many people In 2002, we are working on hand techniques, acupoints, meridias for the first time in Japan We announced Monte Therapie as a method combining products.

Even now products and technologies evolve day by day, we discover and develop more effective materials, and we are conducting research.

In addition, I want to acquire deeper and more reliable knowledge and skills, I want to produce leaders who spread beauty and health in the world, and I have opened a Monte Therapist School in various places.

Our business is carried out according to the philosophy "to help people around the world become healthy and beautiful and contribute to the world."

I will continue to strive to convey Monte Thelapie to the world widely in the future..

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